Purpose: To create a robust, citizen operated, emergency communication network as backup for the statewide 800MHz emergency network.

Participants: Any currently FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator

Concept: Upon activation, transmit a message from any chosen location in Kansas, to any other chosen location in Kansas via radio frequency without the assistance of digital or internet services and without the use of grid electricity. 100% off the grid. Message may be transmitted via simplex or via any repeater that has a backup generator. Linked repeater systems will not be allowed in this exercise. Multiple modes such as HF, UHF, and VHF may be used. The ICS Form 213 will be used for message handling.

Target: Quarterly exercise goals are to transmit a 25 words or less message, without error, from point to point, in less than 15 minutes.

Measurement: When the message is received by the target location, a phone call to the exercise coordinator delivering the message as received will be checked for errors and time, from start to finish, documented.

Time frame: The first exercise will be scheduled for this coming winter, and will be announced to all participants who sign up. The plan is to conduct this exercise on a quarterly basis thereafter.

Results: Will be posted publicly

We have plenty of time to prepare for the first exercise. Contact me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. If you call, please leave a message if I do not answer immediately. Feel free to share. No membership in any club or organization is required, and there are no fees associated with participation in this exercise. We currently have participants from Crawford, Butler, Cowley, McPherson, and Harvey Counties. Ideally, we would like participants from all counties in Kansas.

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