EmComm Nets

The Salvation Army Team Emergency Network (SATERN)
Monday, Wedensday, and Friday at 1030 CDT on HF 14.325 and Saturday at 1030 CDT on HF 14.320
SATERN Weekly Nets

Kansas City Metro Area:

• Tuesday: 145.130 (151.4) WAØNQA repeater at 7:30PM local. (This repeater is also accessible via Echolink, node WAØNQA-R).

• Thursday: Yaesu Fusion at 6:00 PM local. (This net uses the Kansas City Wide Room reachable from any Fusion node. Connect to Room 28054). (ARES)

• Thursday: JARS (WY) 147.150 + 151.4 tone.

Wichita Area:

• Fourth Sunday of each Month, 146.790 (103.5) WØSOE repeater at 7:30 PM Local

Regional (Kansas/Western Missouri):

• Tuesday: 3.820 MHz (+/-) LSB at 8:30 PM local

Butler County CERT Net
Sunday at 7:30pm CDT 147.150 MHz + (no tone)
VOIP Hurricane Prep Net
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State Line ARES
Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Girard, KS 147.240 / 147.840 MHz 91.5Hz PL

Pittsburg, KS 146.940 / 146.340 MHz 91.5Hz PL

Crawford County, KS 6 meter 52.830 / 51.130 MHz 91.5 Hz PL

Lamar, MO 442.975 / 447.975 MHz 91.5Hz PL

Nevada, MO 146.850 / 146.250 MHz 91.5 Hz PL

Echolink K0SEK-R
Allstar 53928

In the event of repeater failure will the net be held on

146.475 Simplex CSQ (No Tone)

AuxComm USA Net
Thursday at 2000 CDT/CST on the Kan-Okla Intertie Repeater System and Sunflower Linked System(UHF, VHF, Echolink) See information below:

Interoperability is a big part of this initiative. Any Amateur Radio Operators interested in emergency communications are welcome. Various EmComm groups such as ARES, RACES, REACT, CERT, AmRONN, and other groups including Amateur Radio Clubs who may be interested are also encouraged to participate.

We are promoting:

1. Interoperability

2. Good relationships between organizations

3. Camaraderie between operators

4. Expanding our knowledge base of emergency communications methods, modes, and alternatives

Join us weekly for the AuxComm USA Net at 2000 CDT (8pm) on the Kan-Okla Intertie System, the Sunflower System, Echolink Nodes: *AUXCUSA*, *ARERT*, KC5FM-R, and KF0M-L

This net will be held every Thursday except on major holidays or in the event of activation for an actual disaster.

The Sunflower Linked System can be accessed through:

Allstar 28848

Echolink KC5FM-R 906281

Hamshack Hotline 94032

DMR TGIF 31207

P25 31207


Yaesu Fusion 31207

M17-SUN module A

The Kan-Okla Intertie System can be accessed through the following repeaters:

Derby- 146.850 156.7 103.5

Hutchinson-145.820 103.5

St John-146.700 103.5

Great Bend 146.760 103.5

Beamount-444.525 156.7

Wichita-442.325 103.5


*AUXCUSA* Conference Server Node 980147
KC5FM-R Node 906281
KF0M-L Node 721824
WX0NET Node 592134
Winlink Check In Form
Winlink check ins are also welcome if you are unable to connect with any of the above modes. Please use the Check In.txt form and have the form submitted before 2130CDT on Thursday Winlink forms can be sent to AUXCUSA or emailed to AUXCUSA@ winlink.org Please start the subject line with //WL2K
All Emergency Communication Groups send Check Ins to: AUXCUSA@Winlink.org (
Please include your group affiliation.)
Unaffiliated Radio Operators send Check In to: WX0NET@Winlink.org
In all cases, start the subject line with: //WL2K


Good Evening Everyone and Welcome to the weekly Thursday Night, AuxComm USA Net. This is (CALLSIGN ) My Name Is:
First name and location )

I will be the Net Control for this net. If there are any stations with emergency or priority traffic, please call now. Over: (Handle these calls immediately)


If there are any bulletins or announcement for this net, please call now... Over:


The AuxComm USA Net meets every Thursday evening at 2000 hours local time on the Kan-Okla Intertie System, Sunflower System and Echolink.

The purpose of this net is to improve interoperability for emergency communicators, establish collaboration between emergency communications groups, develop camaraderie between radio operators, grow our knowledge base in methods, modes, and alternatives for emergency communications. Give radio operators the chance to test their equipment for proper operation, and to train in emergency traffic handling.


This is a Directed Net, which means that you should only transmit when directed by Net Control. Please stay on frequency until released by net control. If you must leave before the end of this directed net, notify Net Control that you are closing station. Please key your mic for 2 seconds before speaking to allow for all connected systems to activate.


The topic for tonight’s discussion is: (Pick a topic related to EmComm)

This is: ( CALLSIGN ) – AuxComm USA Net Control. At this time, we will now be taking check-ins. You do not have to be a member of any organization to check in. Please give your callsign once, then say your call sign phonetically using standard phonetics, your organization if any, your first name, general location, and if you have any traffic for the net. (Take two or three check ins at a time and let them express their thoughts on the topic before calling additional check ins)
We will begin by taking check ins from any FEMA RECCWGS, please call now...
Any State SWICS or Emergency Management Agencies please call now...
(Some of these may be by relays from appointed representatives)
General Check ins from anybody anywhere, please call now...
Make sure you ID at least every 10 minutes
(NC...Log all check ins using NCM and ask each check in to comment on the chosen topic. Remember to give your callsign every 10 minutes)
(Call for late check ins)

No one is smarter than all of us put together. If you have any ideas that will improve this net, or topics you would like to discuss, contact the Net Control Manager

This is: ( CALLSIGN ) – AuxComm USA Net Control. Thank You to all stations who participated in this Net. This net would not be possible without your participation. If you have any ideas to improve this net or topics for discussion, please send them to WX0NET. We also thank KC5FM, KF0M, ARERT, the Kan-Okla Intertie System, and The Sunflower System, for making facilities available for this net. Again, the AuxComm USA Net meets each Thursday at 2000 hours (8:00 p.m. local).
All stations and operators are now released from this Net. We are closing the AuxComm USA Directed Net, and are returning all connected systems back to normal amateur radio use.73's and Good Night to everyone. ( CALLSIGN ) OUT (Remain on for a few seconds for any after net questions or check ins)

Additional Instructions for Net Control

1. Make a log for all call signs who check in, and forward the log to WX0NET1@gmail.com

2. If possible, try to get a volunteer to act as scribe and backup net control in advance of the net

3. Be sure to summarize announcements and traffic to ensure we understand what was transmitted

4. Handle all traffic messages either by forwarding them to WX0NET, or submitting them to the National Traffic System (NTS)

5. Do a radio check 15 minutes before the net to make sure your radio is working, and that all systems are connected.

6. BE ON TIME…announce a 3 or 5 minute prelude for the net, and start the net ON TIME

7. Practice the script a couple of times before the net to familiarize yourself with the flow

8. Speak slowly and clearly…we are not in a race to the finish line

9. Once you have done net control, be prepared to start and run the net in the future if there are issues with the scheduled Net Control

10. Be familiar with prowords in case you need to handle message traffic

11. Be personable and professional.

12. Have fun…this is a learning experience for everyone

NOTE: Use the following link to manage the net, and forward the ICS 214 to WX0NET https://net-control.us/index.php

WX0NET is the AuxComm USA Net Manager.
Billy Fanska Tel: 316-351-9200
(CIS) (ILO) (EC) (OES)